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Commercial Air Conditioning Services in Metro Phoenix

For businesses and commercial properties in Metro Phoenix, air conditioning systems are critical for smooth and profitable operations. Without properly functioning cooling, offices and other workplaces rapidly become uncomfortable and unsafe for employees and customers when our brutal summer temperatures hit. Equipment can overheat, facilities have to close early or shut down entirely, and you risk losing sales, productivity, and hard-won reputations.

Downtime is simply not an option during the sweltering summer months in Phoenix. You need a reliable commercial air conditioning contractor that can deliver prompt maintenance, skilled repairs, and advanced new installations. 

Northern Air offers over a decade of HVAC experience working with retail centers, office buildings, industrial facilities, hotels, medical centers, schools, places of worship, and more throughout the region. When you choose us, you benefit from minimal disruption and optimal climate control all year long. Your business stays open, your equipment stays protected, and your utility bills stay affordable.

Our Commercial AC Services for Businesses in Metro Phoenix Area

Keep your business location comfortable year-round through Northern Air’s complete range of cooling services for commercial settings
AC Installation
We size and select new air conditioning systems matched to your commercial facility using advanced modeling for optimal efficiency. As authorized dealers for top equipment brands, we provide unbiased recommendations to meet your operational requirements and budget.
AC Repair
Our technicians boast decades of experience and have specialized training to troubleshoot problems with commercial AC units promptly. We carry inventory on our fleet vehicles to complete common repairs on the spot.
AC Maintenance
Preventative maintenance is crucial for minimizing unplanned downtime. We offer maintenance agreements with seasonal tune-ups to proactively catch issues.
24/7 Emergency Service
When your system unexpectedly fails outside normal hours, our on-call staff can mobilize in as little as 60 minutes for emergency diagnoses and repairs.
Industrial AC Units
From computer server rooms to industrial freezers, we install and maintain specialized cooling systems for facilities with unique requirements.
Commercial HVAC Upgrades
Outdated equipment operates inefficiently. We help companies determine the payback period and available rebates for upgrading to a modern high-efficiency HVAC system.

Signs Your Commercial AC Needs Service

Don’t ignore warning signs of issues with your commercial air conditioning. Catching problems early allows for less expensive repairs and prevents disruptive failures during peak operating hours.

Contact our technicians if you notice:

Increased energy bills
Unexplained spikes in your monthly electricity costs can mean an AC unit is operating inefficiently and using excess energy.
Insufficient cooling
If some offices or rooms are too warm despite the AC running nonstop, there may be underlying mechanical or refrigerant issues.
Strange noises
Unusual rumbling, grinding, or screeching emanating from your AC generally signals a component malfunction needing repair.
Mold/mildew smells
An indoor area giving off musty odors points to condensate drainage problems allowing moisture buildup.
Equipment overheating
Commercial HVAC units should never reach temperatures too hot to touch, which will accelerate wear and failure.
Poor air circulation
Limited air flow from vents or supply ducts results in uneven cooling and indicates blocked equipment filters or fans.
Schedule an inspection immediately if your commercial cooling system displays any of these common warning signs. Catching problems early allows our technicians to restore AC operations quickly, before they spiral into more costly repairs.

Why Choose Northern Air As Your Commercial AC Contractor

When it comes to cooling your commercial property in Phoenix’s punishing summer heat, you need an HVAC contractor you can count on to get the job done right.

At Northern Air, we put service quality and technical expertise above all else. We build transparency and communication into every client relationship. Your business operations take priority, so we focus on minimal disruption through detailed planning, expert staff, and a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Additionally, our advanced technical capabilities set us apart from competitors in the Phoenix metro area. Our technicians complete ongoing training to master the most sophisticated, computer-controlled systems found in modern commercial facilities and our fleet vehicles carry the latest diagnostic tools to precisely pinpoint AC issues quickly. We also hold advanced certifications from all major equipment manufacturers.

Most importantly, Northern Air stands out through prioritizing proactive maintenance. We develop tailored AC maintenance plans designed to catch small problems before they cause disruptive shutdowns in high-traffic months. Keeping systems properly maintained improves reliability, efficiency, and the overall lifecycle return on your cooling investment. Our goal is to provide complete climate management, leaving you to focus on daily operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial AC FAQs

Commercial AC units should be maintained at least twice annually by an HVAC technician. Spring and fall tune-ups are crucial for smooth functioning during the hot and cold seasons. High-traffic sites may require quarterly maintenance.

A standard commercial AC service from Northern Air checks refrigerant and airflow for efficiency, flushes drain lines, lubricates parts, replaces filters, clean coils, looks for leaks or corrosion, confirms safety switches work properly, tests all electrical connections, and conducts a full function test. For commercial clients, our work is tailored to your specific setup. Contact us to discuss what the perfect tune-up would look like for your system.

Replacing systems over 15-20 years old with new ENERGY STAR models provides significant efficiency improvements. Although investment costs are higher, new units pay for themselves through energy cost savings and improved reliability within 5-7 years, depending on the type of business and cooling system.
Some frequent issues in large commercial AC units include low refrigerant levels, clogged coils/filters, electrical control failure, compressor malfunctions, and condensate drainage line blockages. Proper maintenance helps avoid any unplanned failures.
Beyond regular tune-ups and servicing, strategies like installing programmable thermostats, sealing ductwork leaks, adding insulation, performing energy audits, aligning operating hours with occupancy patterns, and adjusting ambient setpoint temperatures can boost efficiency.
Warning signs include increased energy usage, insufficient cooling, unusual sounds/odors, short-cycling on and off, safety trip alarms, and error codes on controller screens, overheating equipment, or limited ventilation from air supply ducts.
Depending on usage levels and regular maintenance, the average lifespan is around 15-20 years for compressors and refrigeration components, and 8-10 years for coils, motors, fans and controls.
Trusted Commercial AC Repair & Installation Services

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Northern Air has over a decade of experience serving commercial HVAC customers throughout Metro Phoenix. Trust us for all your cooling system installation, maintenance, and emergency repair needs.

And if you’re experiencing an unexpected AC equipment failure outside of regular business hours, don’t wait it out in the heat. As a leading 24/7 emergency HVAC contractor, Northern Air has on-call technicians available anytime to respond to cooling system emergencies quickly.

Our dedicated commercial team is ready to help diagnose issues, recommend solutions, and keep your property comfortable year-round. Contact us at (480) 999-3336 or request service online.

We proudly serve Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, Tempe, Scottsdale, San Tan Valley, and surrounding cities plus provide maintenance agreements to facilities throughout Maricopa County.

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